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the sexy new musical comedy in the city

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When Holly Summerhays, a young, new-to-the-city interviewer for New York 1, arrives at real estate heiress Dee Dee Hollingsworth's east side condo to interview her as New Yorker of the week for her work in introducing opera to youngsters, she is inducted into the socialite's circle of friends which includes soap opera vamp, Dana Reynolds and curmudgeonly, wisecracking author, Meg Lafferty.

Their friendship solidifies as they teach Holly the ins and outs if New York City, despite some setbacks in their personal lives. Holly pursues an affair with a rising celebrity French chef and they become a New York power couple until illness and ambition split them apart. Dee Dee finally decides to end her 16-year marriage with her philandering husband. Dana is written out of her role as Monica St. James in Passion Cove, only to resurface as a musical comedy star. And Meg overcomes her writer's block to produce a best seller and finally find her man.

Through all their tribulations, they learn their friendship is the one thing they can count on for mutual support and validation. In the end, they emerge stronger, wiser, happier and self-sufficient. Men come and go but their sorority remains intact.