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Here's a BIG "THANK YOU!" to all the people who have donated their time, talents and wisdom to FRIENDS LIKE THESE:
alison briner, leslie anderson, nicola blackman, kathy kaefer, regent's, philip geoffrey bond, jay binder, kelly sullivan, melodie wohlford, heléne yorke, john kenrick, tom savage, karen mason, deborah tranelli, kelly howe, rebecca spenser, robin baxter, liz mccartney, alan rowland, kelly briggs, ripley/grier studios, clare cooper, denise nolin, joanna glushak, henry aronson, rex benincasa, dan martin,  the york theater, jim morgan, jack lee, phil mckinley, collette black, ruby rims, traci reynolds

John McMahon and Jay Jeffries are represented by 
Ron Gwiazda
Abrams Artists Agency

275 7th Avenue
NYC NY 10001